Harshul S Patel Electronics and Communication Engineer


Skillful EC professional who provided technical support to scientists at SAC;
Worked on modification of RF LMH5401 amplifier circuit for more than 3 cards
depending on its applications such as 0dBm to 12 dBm
amplification purpose and balun.

Instruments and Softwares Operated

ISRO (SAC)While supporting scientists at Digital Communication Division

  • Digital storage oscilloscope (2MHz)
  • Function Generator (single and Four channel differential)
  • Timer/Counter/Analyzer (300MHz/50ps)
  • Digital Phosphor oscilloscope (4GHz)
  • Logic analyzer, Vector Network analyzer, Signal analyzer
  • Application Softwares - Cadstar, NI multisim simulation, Circuit maker, Scilab

S Ten ElectronicsDuring daily delivery of PCBs

  • Yamaha YV100x - SMT pick and place machine

Employment history

EC Engineer (Graduate apprentice) ISRO (SAC) April 2019 to March 2020

  • Amplification of high frequency Rf Circuits for single ended to differential two port output and vice versa.
  • Designing and producing efficient circuits with best practices using fowcharts, softwares, datasheets and other tools.
  • Thermal analysis of circuits and reporting the results to scientists as in what changes will be found in various parameters due to temperature change in space.
  • Regular testing of various cards used in payloads at different frequencies, group delays, return loss and many more.
  • Designing and modification of schematic diagrams through datasheets.

SMT machine operator and Quality Control S Ten Electronics June 2018 to March 2019

  • Delivering large amount of PCB’s daily on electronic SMT machines.
  • Regular, structured quality inspection on circuits to check mountings, buffering and printing.

Technical Skills

Core Specialty

  • RF circuit amplification (High band)
  • PCB Quality control
  • SMT machine operating
  • Schematic diagram designing
  • Functional testing of DVM & FM card

Soft Skills

  • Chipscope
  • Support to technician - Soldering & Desoldering
  • Leadership
  • Communication and Presentation

Personal Attributes

  • Investment
  • Travelling
  • Gaming
  • Basketball
  • Social gatherings

Education history

Bachelor of Electronics and Communication GEC, Bharuch 2014 – 2018

  • Scored 8.67 CGPA and Secured 1st rank in final year
  • Participated in various Robotic Tournaments
  • Holded class representative position throughout bachelors

Industrial Vocational Trainings

  • 2017: Matrix Telecom Security, Baroda
  • 2018: Siemens, Surat (Basics of PLC course)